A Walk on the Green Side - July 13, 2013

  Historic El Rio Golf Course is in danger. Once the only country club in Tucson and original site of the Tucson Open, frequented by legendary pros and celebrities, it is now a municipal golf course owned and operated by the city of Tucson. The city claims El Rio is losing money and wants it to be self-sufficient, while there are unfair financial burdens placed upon it. Several possible courses of action have been considered, while a large and growing group of citizens are fighting to keep El Rio open, green and for the people. There is no shortage of controversy surrounding this issue.

  This web site was created on May 31, 2013 to keep people informed and as a repository of information. There is also a listserve so interested parties can keep in touch. If you are interested in getting involved, have something to contribute for this web site or would like to be on the listserv, please send an e-mail


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